Togarashi: Japanese chilli pepper
(Capsicum annuum var. longum)

Nutritional Information:

Extremely rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, having more than double the quantities found in sweeter peppers such as the shishitou. Togarashi has the same amount of iron per 100g as hourensou (spinach).
100g raw fruit contains:
6 mg sodium
760 mg potassium
20 mg calcium
42 mg magnesium
71 mg phosphorus
2 mg iron
0.5 mg zinc
0.27 mg manganese
6600 µg beta-carotene
640 µg retinol
0.14 mg vitamin B1   0.36 mg vitamin B2   1 mg vitamin B6
3.7 mg niacin
120 mg vitamin C
9 mg vitamin E
27 µg vitamin K
41 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Also known as nanban, togarashi is usually eaten when red and whilst certainly not mild, it is not as hot as most chilli peppers. Use with barbecues and stir-fries, or stew with meat or fish.

Togarashi at 5 weeks (click for full sized image) Togarashi 12 weeks after sowing (click for full sized image)
Togarashi seedling 5 weeks after sowing Togarashi 'Oonaga Nanban' after 12 weeks
Togarashi fruit (click for full sized image) Purple Togarashi (click for full sized image)
Fruit forming 24th July 2007 Purple Togarashi 2nd August 2010

Limited produce availability from mid August until the end of October.