Nira: Garlic Chives
(Allium tuberosum)

Nutritional Information:

High in vitamins A and C.
100g raw leaf contains:
510 mg potassium
48 mg calcium
18 mg magnesium
31 mg phosphorus
1 mg sodium
0.7 mg iron
0.3 mg zinc
0.39 mg manganese
3500 µg beta-carotene (vitamin A)
290 µg retinol
19 mg vitamin C
3 mg vitamin E
180 µg vitamin K
100 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Raw (Delicious in salads) or cooked but the flavour is destroyed by lengthy cooking. Flowers too can be eaten raw or cooked and make an attractive and delicious sald garnish. The flavour is a cross between garlic and chives.
Young Nira (click for full sized image)
Leaves start round & flatten later
Nira in flower (click for full sized image)
Flowers in August

Nira under frost (click for full sized image)
Damaged but not killed by frost (Dec 20th)

Nira survived winter (click for full sized image)
2nd year new growth (April 7th)

Produce normally available from May to November.