Naga-Negi: Welsh Onion
(Allium fistulosum)

Nutritional Information:

The green is part more nutritious than the white part.
100g raw, predominantly green, leaf contains:
220 mg potassium
54 mg calcium
18 mg magnesium
31 mg phosphorus
0.7 mg iron
0.2 mg zinc
0.18 mg manganese
1900 µg beta-carotene (vitamin A)
150 µg retinol
31 mg vitamin C
94 µg vitamin K
110 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Raw in salads or use in cooking as an alternative to the English leek (flavour is not the same).
Naga-Negi seedling (click for full sized image) Naga-Negi ready for harvest (click for full sized image)
Naga-Negi 'Sunahara' from Toshiharu Suga Naga-Negi 'Okushiobara' (10 weeks)

Naga-Negi rust (click for full sized image)

Naga-Negi on sale (click for full sized image)
Attacked by Puccinia allii On sale at a local market

Produce normally available throughout the year.