Mizuna: Kyona
(Brassica rapa japonica)

Nutritional Information:

Good source of vitamin A (Retinol and Beta-carotene), folic acid and vitamin C. Moderate source of calicum. To allow for inefficiencies of conversion and absorption, the amount of vitamin A made available for the body can roughly be calculated as:
    Retinol µg + ( Beta-carotene µg / 6 )
On this basis 100g raw mizuna leaves would provide 327 µg vitamin A (see below)

100g raw leaves contain:
480 mg potassium
210 mg calcium
31 mg magnesium
64 mg phosphorus
2.1 mg iron
0.41 mg manganese
1300 µg beta-carotene
110 µg retinol
55 mg vitamin C
1.8 mg vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol)
120 µg vitamin K
140 µg folic acid

How to Enjoy it:

Raw in salads or cooked as greens.
Mizuna seedling (click for full sized image) Mizuna cut (click for full sized image)
Mizuna 'Sensuji' Mizuna cut for market 2nd July

Mizuna harvested (click for full sized image)

Mizuna self-seeding (click for full sized image)
An early spring variety with the authentic Japanese taste Mizuna 'Kyomizore' self-seeding (new plants have 1st pair of secondary leaves) 21 weeks after sowing

Mizuna is normally available from March to December.